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By : seksan laongsong  email  (Read 7361 | Answer 2)  (17/12/2554 15:30:19)
Answer No. 1
But I can say that it definitely enoegraucs our double majors to choose engineering over production (and once they’ve made that choice, they’re unlikely to double back). Not 100% sure I agree with this part. My hesitation is based off of my earlier points re: trust and track record.If TalentA is presented with an engineering option at 75k and an associate producer option at 35k, of course we all agree s/he is likely to take the engineering option. What, though, is stopping him/her from using that as a stepping stone into a producer position a few years down the road. With a 75k salary under his/her belt already (not to mention some powerful allies in the industry and company), its going to be a lot easier landing a salary that is more in the ballpark one would expect given the responsibility of a producer.Your point, David, is still very valid if people do follow this path (ie: I'll take engineering for now in the hopes that one day I can work towards production, because its a path with a better salary scale) it means we lose out on some exceptional potential fresh out of school. I guess to counter that all I can say is that the experience, connections and trust that one can build as a hot engineering talent (with Producer potential, I should point out) are all invaluable to a succesfull producer. If I'm a company wanting to invest in someone long-term, perhaps I would encourage them to take the engineering path as a stepping stone to production even if its going to cost me more up front. -Ben
By : Kulit  email  (16/09/2555 11:39:58)
Answer No. 2

ขอโน้ตเพลง I will follow hin

By : AOI  email  (17/03/2556 21:50:27)
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